11th CAER-IFPRI Annual Conference held in Hangzhou


The 11th CAER-IFPRI Annual Conference was held in Hangzhou during 17-19 in October, which theme is about Qaulity-driven Development in China’s Food System: Challenges and Solutions. This conference is jointly organized by China Agricultural University, International Food Policy Research Institute and China Academy for Rural Development of Zhejiang University.

The conference totally received 124 submissions, in which 48 papers were selected and 12 papers were specially invited to present in concurrent sessions. Besides, there are 60 papers in total were reported in 14 concurrent sessions and produced 2 excellent papers which were awarded with certificates in this conference.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the new China and the start of the second decade of CAER. The holding of this international academic conference shows the international vision of CAER, which based on the reality of China’s agricultural and rural areas to tell Chinese stories and transmit Chinese voice. Furthermore, to set up an international platform with CAER’s brand Characteristics.