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2018 Impact factor:1.050*

5-year impact factor(2018) :1.209*

Sample Article

The core of China’s rural revitalization: exerting the functions of rural area

Xiwen Chen

Volume 12 Issue 1

Prioritizing agricultural, rural development and implementing the rural revitalization strategy

Jun Han

Volume 12 Issue 1

Information asymmetry, third party certification and the integration of organic food value chain in China

Kym Anderson

Volume 12 Issue 1

China Agricultural Economic Review (CAER), published in association with China Agricultural University and Chinese Association for Agricultural Economics, provides a unique and insightful approach to documenting and disseminating research into the economics of agriculture, rural development, natural resources and the environment. Integrating both qualitative and quantitative research, CAER provides an in-depth analysis of Chinese agricultural reform and practice.

CAER publishes high quality academic writings by scholars from China and globally and particularly encourages both empirical work that can be replicated and extended by others and research articles that employ econometric estimation and statistical hypothesis testing, optimization and simulation models.It is the wish of the Editorial Board that discussions and debates published in the journal will have strong impact on China’s agricultural and rural policy-making processes, the development of the agricultural economics discipline and on developing countries hoping to learn from China’s agricultural and rural development.